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Human Behavior and Evolution Society 2016 Talks
Research Priorities for 2016
Next Steps for Classifying Seriations to Temporal Network Models
Limits of model resolution for seriation classification
Feature Engineering for Seriation Classification
Identifying Metapopulation Models from Simulated CT and Seriations
Loss Functions for ABC Model Selection with Seriation Graphs as Data
IDSS Seriation Software Version 2.3 released
Performance of simuPOP in SeriationCT Across Platforms
SeriationCT Sample Size Series experiments
SeriationCT Next Steps
Experiment Plan for seriationct-1
CTMixtures Simulation in Docker
Research Priorities for 2015
CTMixtures Analysis -- Equifinality-4 Progress and Tasks
CTMixtures Analysis -- Splitting the Analysis
Implementing temporal networks in Python, Part 2
CTMixtures Analysis -- RF to GBM and Next Steps
CTMixtures Analysis -- Equifinality 3 Notes
CTMixtures Equifinality - Calibration Experiment and Conclusions
CTMixtures Equifinality - Calibration Issues and Solutions
CTMixtures Equifinality Analysis - Initial Ideas
CTMixtures Equifinality Data Export
CTMixtures Status for Batch Equifinality-1
CTMixtures Cost Analysis
CTMixtures Experiment Configuration and Execution
CTMixtures Cluster Setup and Computing Environment
SeriationCT Experiment Outline
Observables and Parameters in CTMixtures
CTMixtures Experiment Design
Implementing temporal networks in Python
Temporal Networks in SeriationCT
Time Averaging and the CT Mixture Model
Description of the SeriationCT Model
Open Problems in Coarse Grained CT Theory
Experiment Planning for CT Mixture Model
Convergence of CT Rule Mixtures
Coarse Graining for Structured Information
Classification Experiment - Exploratory Data Analysis
Classification Experiment - Data Reduction and Cleaning
Classification Experiment Research Questions
Classification Experiment Notes
Classification Experiment Protocol
Classifications in CTPy (Part 2) -- Modeling Dimensionality, Performance
Classification in CTPy (Part 1)
Time Perspectivism - An Annotated Bibliography
Portland State University First Thursday -- Presentation Slides
Coarse-Graining, History, and CT Models
Experiment - Statistical Power of Slatkin Exact vs Conformism
Renormalization Theory and Cultural Transmission in Archaeology
Renormalization and Archaeological Applications