Recent Essays

30 Jun 2016 Human Behavior and Evolution Society 2016 Talks
10 Apr 2016 Research Priorities for 2016
07 Apr 2016 Presentation and Paper for SAA 2016 - Measuring Cultural Relatedness Using Multiple Seriation Ordering Algorithms
22 Mar 2016 EVoS Seminar Series Talk at Binghamton University
03 Mar 2016 Intentionality and Cultural Evolution - Towards a Generalized Learning Theory Account

Recent Lab Notes

Project Date Title
Coarse Grained Model 22 Mar 2016 Next Steps for Classifying Seriations to Temporal Network Models
Coarse Grained Model 22 Feb 2016 Limits of model resolution for seriation classification
Coarse Grained Model 16 Feb 2016 Feature Engineering for Seriation Classification
Coarse Grained Model 14 Feb 2016 Identifying Metapopulation Models from Simulated CT and Seriations
Coarse Grained Model 26 Jan 2016 Loss Functions for ABC Model Selection with Seriation Graphs as Data
Coarse Grained Model 24 Jan 2016 Amazon EC2 AMI for deep neural networks and classification problems
Coarse Grained Model 01 Sep 2015 IDSS Seriation Software Version 2.3 released
Coarse Grained Model 27 Jul 2015 Performance of simuPOP in SeriationCT Across Platforms
Coarse Grained Model 14 May 2015 SeriationCT Sample Size Series experiments
Coarse Grained Model 27 Apr 2015 SeriationCT Next Steps
Coarse Grained Model 23 Feb 2015 Experiment Plan for seriationct-1
Coarse Grained Model 15 Feb 2015 CTMixtures Simulation in Docker
Coarse Grained Model 07 Dec 2014 CTMixtures Analysis -- Equifinality-4 Progress and Tasks
Coarse Grained Model 04 Dec 2014 CTMixtures Analysis -- Splitting the Analysis
Coarse Grained Model 28 Nov 2014 Implementing temporal networks in Python, Part 2
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